Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is a genetic skin disorder causing blistering of the whole body due to mechanical trauma. EB is distinguished into four types: 1. Simplex, 2. Junctional EB, 3. Dystophic EB, and 4. Kindler Syndrome. The disorder affectes both genders as well as all racial groups. EB can range from being a mild complication, to causing the affected individual to be completely disordered. In some cases, EB is fatal.

What may cause minimal effort for any other individual, can be a constant battle for those affected by EB. This includes difficulty swallowing or inability to wear clothing due to blistering which causes the body to be completely wrapped in special bandages. Blistering is especially difficult when located internally. The lining of the mouth and intestines are common places for blistering.

Unfortunately, there is NO CURE for EB. However, improvement of symptoms can be made. This can include prevention of pain, itching, and infection. Those requiring their entire bodies to be wrapped are in need of special bandages, which are not always high in supply and are not located in many areas of the world.

Currently we are sponsoring over 400 children with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) in Iran. The families whom we are helping are anywhere from low socio-economic families to simply poverty-stricken families whose children receive no assistance from the government for EB treatment.
Unlike groups who may focus on directing their donations towards research of skin diseases, HEAL gives 100% of the donations we receive towards treatment, in the form of surgery and medical supplies.